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Yoga Activities

Yoga Asana & Fascia Release

The beginning practice to purify and detoxify our physical body. Specific approach of movement and breathing technique which aim to calm the mind and relax the body. Yoga asana and Fascia Release available in all types of retreats.

Basic Meditation Practice

Meditation is being divided into: (1) Focus meditation / samatha and (2) insight meditation/ vipassana technique. All meditation practice must be started with the practice of elevating the focus and concentration. With focus and concentration, the mind will become pure and we can connect with consciousness which gives us guidance in life.

Healing Breath Theory and Practice

Healing Breath is a slow and continuous breathing technique that can help to surface mental and physical sensation, and also provide emotional release. When emotion/ feeling is being suppressed our body cannot move freely. Therefore all of mental conditions must be purified. Here with this technique we can approach our feelings and emotion closer and deeper.

Sound Meditation

Hearing consciousness is never sleep, this consciousness is always active, therefore we must learn to separate things we hear and see deeper why we are hearing this. When pain is being stored in our body, our hearing consciousness (and mostly all) can only see through the glass of the pain. Thus, sound meditation and healing will be used to create relaxation for a deep self-revelation and realization.

Asana Clinics

Asana Clinics are the learning through physical exploration. From the point of view of traditional Hatha Yoga asana, we will explore the condition of our body, starting with our hips joint, chest and shoulders, standing posture, core strength and inversion.

Sound Theory/ Cymatix

Practice to explore and understand the form of sound. This session will be given on the 2nd day of each retreat. The purpose of this session is for all participants to be more aware about each phenomena, especially those created with sound.

Theory of Fasting

Fasting is one of the most efficient way to purify body and mind. Theory of fasting explore the understanding of how to do fasting safely. While physical body can purify itself, we must get enough nutrition to perform our daily tasks.

Practice of Fasting

Practice of fasting will only be performed by those who join 7 and 10 days retreat. This practice include: purification diet with vegetarian food rich with vitamin and fiber, continue with water fasting, followed by citric juices and veggies juices.

Practice of Loving, Kindness and Compassion

Understanding what is the true meaning of “Loving, Kindness and Compassion”. Loving, Kindness and Compassion is the highest teaching of Buddha, which comes to the goal of surrendering and acceptance throughout all phenomena in life.

Practice of Self-Understanding and Self-Realization

This practice include the question of “Who Am I?” and how can I know myself. Only when the body and the mind is settled down and have enough rest, we can start this practice and start healing.

Practice of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the levitation of awareness. When awareness is being cultivated, our mindfulness become higher. Practice of mindfulness can help us to see the role of Ego in ourselves. Those Ego being spotted can be purified for its not disturb our deeds.

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